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Post-Saver Rot Protection Sleeve

By easily fitting Post Saver ground line sleeves to your posts you’ll be saving yourself the cost of replacing your fence every few years. Post Saver ground line sleeves have been in production since 1994 and are used all over the world. They are independently tested and proven to dramatically extend the lifespan of wooden fence and gate posts with a 20-year guarantee. To apply simply slide the sleeve over your post to the required burial depth and heat shrink in place using a blow torch, 30-seconds (various blow torches available on our shop) Once you’ve fitted Post Saver protection to your posts install in the normal way, i.e. dig and backfill, concrete or power drive (even into stony ground).

  • Protect your posts: hate having to replace your fence posts every few years, with this in-ground post-protection device, your fence will hold up longer than ever before, place 1 of these sleeves on the bottom of any post before inserting it into the ground and it will do the rest, use this set of protective accessories on posts for your mailbox, garden fence, sign, deck, gazebo, and more
  • Keep fences in good condition: whether your fencing marks the edge of your land, keeps your pets or livestock in, or protects your garden from pests, this useful tool is sure to keep your fence up longer, wood is susceptible to rot and decay, especially in wet weather conditions, once a post begins decaying, the integrity of your entire fence is at stake, get extra protection with these sleeves
  • Fits various sizes: we designed this dual-layer composite sleeve in a variety of sizes that can fit square or round posts, we recommend you measure your posts actual or dimensional size before purchase so you are sure to get the right product
  • Farmers best friend: driving posts is tedious and strenuous work, reinforcing your pasture fence posts with these moisture barriers will save you time, meaning you’ll be able to focus on other more important tasks on your farm or ranch, it even prevents pressure treated posts from leaking chrome, arsenic, or creosote into the ground, helping to protect the environment
  • Save yourself money: these innovative outdoor tools even help protect the wood from damage caused by grass trimmers and termites, replacing damaged areas of a fence can be expensive and time-consuming, save yourself the headache and the money with the help of postsaver, whether you’re a professional who requires extended protection or simply a homeowner, these post-saving sleeves are essential
  • Also fits 5 in. round posts

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