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Pro Series Protection for Wood Posts


Perfect for wood and vinyl fences and stand-alone posts, such as mailboxes, signage, gazebos, and wood play structures. Full Protection comes in heights of 3″ or 6″, and stacks to any height, and comes in pairs.  Designed to fit Rectangular posts as well. Matching American made screws available.

  • Abundant, strong and flexible, steel accommodates every post material and size. This makes steel the best defense for any post.
  • Cutting and trimming the grass. Most of us do it every weekend. Without realizing it, we’re damaging our fences’ posts. New fences are a $9 billion industry in North America, and the majority of fences are already installed. Fence Armor offers the best defense with an engineered, two-piece design, crafted from 100% sustainable, galvanized steel.
  • Comes with color matching screws

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3" 1/2 x 3" 1/2 Galvanized Steel, 3" 1/2 x 3" 1/2 Pressure Treated Green, 3" 1/2 x 3" 1/2 Black, 4" 1/8 x 4" 1/8 Galvanized Steel, 4" 1/8 x 4" 1/8 Pressure Treated Green, 4" 1/8 x 4" 1/8 Black, 6" x 6" Galvanized Steel, 6" x 6" Pressure Treated Green, 6" x 6" Black

Post-Saver Rot Prevention Sleeve

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